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City & Guilds 2396 Level 4 Design and Verification

City & Guilds 2396 Level 4 Design and Verification

City & Guilds 2396 Level 4 Design and Verification

City & Guilds 2396 Level 4 Design and Verification

About this course

This will suit you if you are an experienced electrician, working with minimal or no supervision. You are looking to develop or update your electrical installation and verification knowledge and techniques.


This qualification comprises one mandatory unit:

  • Design, construction management and initial verification of electrical installations.

What Careers Can This Lead To?


These qualifications will help you to progress in your career as an electrician.
Learners can also choose to take the following related qualifications:

  • City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Fundamental Initial Verification (2392)
  • City & Guilds Level 3 Award in the Initial Verification and Certification of Electrical Installations (2394).
  • ILM Leadership and Management qualifications.

Design, erection & verification (2396-01)
Level 4 Award in the Design and Verification of Electrical Installations.




Why take this 2396 Electrical Design course?


If you are looking to develop your skills and keep up to date with requirements this course is for you. This 5-day course will provide you with all the necessary information and knowledge to design and erect an electrical installation, with the focus being on cable sizing and management, taking account of environmental influences, routing and suitability for purpose.

This is the most up to date and advanced electrical design course available. This Level 4 2396 qualification will replace the 2391-20 course which is currently being phased out. The 2396 course is intended for experienced personnel working in the electrical industry.


2396 Course Entry Requirements


Candidates should be experienced in electrical installation and ideally hold one of the following inspections & testing qualifications:

  • City & Guilds 2391-10 Inspection & Testing Course (Discontinued) or.
  • City & Guilds 2394 Initial Verification & Certification Course or.
  • City & Guilds 2395 Period Inspection & Testing Course.
  • City & Guilds 2391-52 Inspection & Testing Course.
  • It is also strongly recommended that candidates have achieved the City & Guilds 2382 or similar qualifications which demonstrate
  • knowledge and understanding of the 18th Edition
  • .If you are unsure of your suitability please contact a course advisor on 02033711123.
    This course has an age restriction of 18 years and older.


City & Guilds 2396 Course Content


The course is theory based and consists of classroom-based teaching run for consecutive 5 days. Following the course, you will  work on a set assignment which you will review with your assessor after you course. The 2396-01 course teaches you the invaluable skills to design and scope electrical installations.


Course content includes:

  •  Statutory and non-statutory requirements relating to electrical installation design, construction management and verification.
  • The electrical installation design, construction and commissioning process
  • BS 7671 requirements relating to electrical installation design
  •  Design and verification procedures for single and poly phase electrical installations
  • Fundamental principles for the design and installation of associated protective systems relating to electrical installations
  • Factors that affect choice of alternative energy sources and environmental technologies used within electrical installation design
  • You will need to prove competence in these subjects via a set assignment and a written exam.


Qualification Award by:


City and Guilds


Dates & Timings


This course is for 5 days, however, please note there is also a written exam and a project that you must complete. Please make sure you are available for all
the dates below before you book this course. Written exam has fixed dates and it scheduled by the awarding body.
*as exam dates are fixed by the awarding body so therefore make sure check the dates with the centre before booking you training.
*exam is paper based which will be

Level 4 Design, Erection and Verification (2396)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Is this course for beginners?

This course is for experienced electricians who are working in the field


What is the pre-requisite?

  • BS7671
  •  Inspection and testing qualification level 3


How many learners in 1 one class?


Max 10 learners in 1 session.


What is age required to this qualification?


18 or 18+


What is the advantage of this course?


This qualification helps to develop the essential, up-to-date knowledge and techniques needed to
professionally design and install or inspect and test electrical systems. This award is ideal for qualified electricians wishing to expand or update their professional knowledge and skills. Level 4 is ideal if you are an experienced electrician, working with minimal or no supervision. You are looking to
develop or update your electrical installation and verification knowledge and techniques.


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