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FAQ’s for Inspection and Testing Courses 2391?

Q: What are the three new complexes within the new 2391 qualification?
A: There are three complexes – these are the following:
 2391-50 Level 3 Award in Initial Verification
 2391-51 Level 3 Award in Periodic Inspection & Testing
 2391-52 Level 3 Award in Inspection & testing (combination of initial
and periodic)
Q: Who are these qualifications aimed at?
A: The newly revised 2391 will allow for all possible pathways required for industry
such as:
 Domestic installers who only need Initial (2391-50)
 Completing apprentices and engineers who only need periodic (2391-
 Practicing electricians who want both disciplines periodic and initial
Q: When will the new 2391 qualifications become available?
A: All complexes are live on Walled Garden
Q: Why have these new products been introduced?
A: These products have been developed in line with industry needs and
requirements. The predecessor qualifications 2394/5 needed updating hence why
2391 was re-introduced.
Q: What will happen to the existing 2394 & 2395 qualifications?
A: These expired on 31.08.2017. They will still be open for certifications until
Q: If we have learners booked for exams post the expiry date for registration can
they still take the exam?
A: Yes if learners have been booked in advance they can still take their exams
Q: What are the last dates for the dated entry 2394 and 2395 exams?
A: 05.12.2017 (2394) 06.12.2017 (2395)
Q: What is the assessment methodology for the new 2391 exams?
A: The assessments are multiple choice and a practical assignments. For more
details please refer to the handbook
Q: What resources are allowed for assessment?
A: With the exception of the visual inspection task, candidates may use for all
•BS 7671
•IET On-site Guide
•IET Guidance Note 3
Q: Can we still claim the initial verification within the current (2357) and the new
(5357)? If so how do we claim this?
A: Yes, from early 2018 claims for 2394 will move to 2391-50 we will notify all
centres once this switch happens
Q: What is the approval process for this new suite of qualifications?
A: Centres currently delivering 2394 and 2395 will have automatic approval. Centres
who have not previously delivered these qualifications will have to go through the
normal approval process
Q: The written paper during practical will be marked by who?
A: The assessor assessing the practical
Q: What will happen to the 2392 & 2393?
A: Both qualifications will remain. 2392 is a good introductory for learners who wish
understand the fundamentals around initial verification
Q: How long is the periodic written paper?
A: 2391-50 1 hour (or 60 mins)
2391-51 1 hour (or 60 mins)
2391-52 1 hour 20 minutes (or 80 mins)
Q: The 18th edition wiring regulations are due out in July 2018. How will this affect
the new suite of 2391 qualifications?
A: When the new regulations come out we will be updating our full suite of
qualifications and digital learning resources within the Electrotechnical portfolio
Q: Are you planning on providing any training materials to support the new
qualifications, such as the sample multi-choice questions or will the old books
produced still cover he content
A: Some learning resources are being planned, timelines will be released soon
Q: If candidates have passed the practical’s for 2394 and 2395 can they just take the
MC tests on 2391-52
A: Candidates will not be able to mix assessments from existing and the new suite of
2391 qualifications.
Q: What happens to those already on 2394/5 who have yet to complete /pass? Can
they transfer?
A: Candidates who are registered on 2394/5 but have yet to complete should remain
on these and complete them as no mixture of assessments will be allowed
Q: When will all the assessors’ packs and passwords be live on the website and
walled garden?
A: These are live and available now
Q: Are there any pre requisites for learners wishing to register on these products?
A: There are no pre-requisites, these qualifications are aimed at practising
electricians. Centres have to complete their own skills scan and develop the training
to suit.
Q: Will maths questions still form part of the assessment with them being all open
A: Yes – part of the assessment
Q: Are the 2391 qualifications enough to register with JIB as a qualified
electrician/approved contractor?
A: Yes, we have worked with our industry partners
Q: Does the 2391-50 and 2391-51 have a common unit as 2394/5 does now?
A: No, these are stand-alone tests
Q: Will the 2391 tie in with the new 8202
A: No – like 2365, 8202 is aimed at non employed learners as opposed 2391 which is
a CPD course for practising electricians, although there is some learning that takes
place and will support with progression
Q: Are we still going to get the Chief Examiner’s Reports?
A: We will be looking at producing a quarterly review for centres
Q: Has the timing for the practical changed?
A: Yes – please be aware all assessment time has been amended, ensure you are
using the most up to date assessment pack.