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Advocacy, legal drafting, and other communication skills training and development

Course Outline:

Advocacy skills are essential for lawyers, law practitioners and others related to advocacy and, being highly transferable skills, are highly beneficial for all learners.

This comprehensive training module covering advocacy, legal drafting and communication skills is a main part of the training programme. This training programme is designed for all trainee solicitors, lawyer, practitioners and others wishing to qualify or wanting to progress in law field.

Overall, the Professional Development Course is made of 3 core modules. In addition, trainees will cover the areas that may have remained untouched during 3 years of qualification. These areas include courtroom presentations, legal mooting etc.

This training will offer practical, relevant and engaging activities, led by specialist trainers with considerable experience as practitioners and trainers and the trainers are able to achieve the desired 100% success rate at the end of the training

Training Outcome

  • You will achieve a better way towards your advocacy skills • You will be able to moot according to the needs of the courts.
  • You will be able to understand the broader spectrum of the advocacy skills, legal mooting etc .
  • You will be able to deal with client care issues in a more competent manner on a day to day basis within your firms.
  • You will have a better understanding of how to manage your time and client matters more effectively.
  • You will have improved your ability to deal complaints and difficult clients.
  • You will have improved your ability to deal with the topics discussed today when faced with issues relating to them in practice.
  •  You will have a better understanding of how to help manage risk within your practice
  • You will understand the financial principles used when managing company and client accounts
  • On completion of the advocacy module, trainees should be able to exercise the rights of audience available on admission in the civil and criminal courts

Course Fee:

The cost of this course is £1499 per participant. Note: The cost for 2 or more participants will be considered.

Course Duration:

5-Days Prerequisite: Suitability -Who should attend? The professional development skills course is for all trainee lawyers and others wishing to qualify as lawyers, advocates. This course will be of immense benefit to anyone involved, or intending to be involved, in the advocacy surrounding bail, remands in custody and mitigation.